Past webinars

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Choosing the right noise measurement equipment for noise at work assessments (2023)

Do you know what equipment you need to measure noise? Do you know the difference between a sound level meter and a noise dosimeter? We know it can be difficult to know which tools you need to do your job effectively, which is why we’re hosting a webinar to help you choose the right monitoring instruments!

After this webinar, you will know exactly what you need to use, and when to use it, to make sure you carry out occupational noise assessments compliantly and protect your employees from noise-induced hearing loss.

This training is for Health and Safety Managers, and anyone else new to noise monitoring or those in need of some refresher training.

Understanding Noise Nuisance with the Trojan Noise Nuisance Recorder (2023)

In this webinar, you will find out how Cirrus Research’s Trojan Noise Nuisance Recorder can help your team when it comes to monitoring noise nuisance complaints.

In particular:

  • Noise Nuisance
  • Working with the Trojan Noise Nuisance Recorder
  • Using our licence free NoiseTools software
  • And more…

This webinar is ideal for Environmental Health Officers, Local Authorities and Housing Associations.

Click here to watch the video (this link takes you to our dedicted webinar site).